Services Available:

Family Counseling:

When children transition into teenagers (and sometimes for years after), it can be trying for parents to adapt and maintain a positive rapport around sensitive topics. What do you tell your children about sex, drugs, and relationships without scaring them, grossing them out, or accidentally encouraging poor choices? I really enjoy navigating this phase of life with families, even when children are in college and beyond. I am also happy to work with adolescents themselves, and/or parents who want to get on the same page with each other, when it comes to parenting strategies around these tricky transitions. 

Relationship Counseling:

At different points in a committed relationship, problems may arise. For couples, a This could happen as a result of transitioning into a marriage, becoming parents, career changes, or a host of other internal and external factors. If you are interested in setting some time aside to evaluate how best to move forward in your relationship, I am here to help. With a background in Gottman therapy techniques, I can help narrow down the most effective ways to restore balance in your relationship.

Individual Counseling:

Coming in for therapy as an individual can be profound and rewarding. It allows you to spend a significant amount of time focusing inward and becoming aware of some of the most vulnerable aspects of yourself. That may sound intimidating, but those parts of ourselves are always there influencing our everyday choices whether or not we give them attention.

I will challenge you to address the things you are scared to admit about yourself, so that you can move forward with more confidence. To be honest with yourself, is to be whole.

What is therapy with Rebecca like?

As a therapist, I believe in a no-shame environment where a person can feel free to be themselves in the room with me. Each client’s unique perspective is the most valuable tool available. Not only will each client be the most effective in portraying what is not working for them, but through their preferences and personality, it becomes clear which techniques will be most useful. Some clients are inherently motivated, and will do well with direct feedback. Other clients prefer longer term therapies that include delving into life patterns and attachment styles before they are able to make the changes they desire. I will make sure to take the time to get to know you individually within your system, to design a therapy that works for you.

I also find it important to recognize that in our busy lives, it is difficult to make that commitment to spend the time and money on something like therapy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the the thought of devoting time to the process, I encourage you to remember that this is energy well-spent learning about yourself, your partner and/or your family. When you come to learn about the deeper motivations and patterns you hold, you make your future less complicated.